Can swalowing sperm cause hiv

The Situation: Your friend loves sex—but she's not exactly tied down to one guy, and even when she is, one fact remains constant: She loves giving oral, and she always swallows. No shame in that, you think—to each her own. But what about all that man juice? The Reality: Semen is made up of the same harmless nutrients, minerals, and sugars that you probably eat every day—stuff like vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and fructose. Sperm cells actually account for a very small portion of semen.
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Can you get aids from swallowing semen and sperm?

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swallowing semen - HIV - Prevention - MedHelp

In fact, it's so low that they state on their web site that,. There is little to no risk of getting or transmitting HIV from oral sex. If a man ejaculates in your mouth, the risk of transmission, while remaining very low, could rise if you have bleeding gums or ulcerating sores in your mouth. To put things into perspective, leading studies seem to indicate that the risk of HIV infection from receptive oral sex with ejaculation is less than the risk of HIV infection via receptive anal sex when condoms are used. This makes pinpointing risk very difficult in cohort studies given that men often participate in a variety of sexual activity. It's interesting, though, that while a handful of gay men have reported HIV transmission via receptive oral sex with ejaculation, no women have ever been reported to contract HIV that way.
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What happens if you eat your own sperm?

It is possible with any transfer of any body fluid, the chances just change depending on what fluid, how transfered, how much and how often. Oral sex carries less risk than vaginal or anal. There is still a risk. If you had a cold sore, bleeding gums, a recent tooth pulled, anything that gives the virus an opening to your system.
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